Our Mission: Empowering women with disabilities in the workplace and the community at large

Message From The Executive Director

Working Women With Disabilities is in the forefront of changing the world for women with
disabilities. Components like our employment and job readiness program significantly improve job
acquisition and retention skills and increase the opportunity for success of women with disabilities. I
envision a time when women with disabilities work at decent jobs making good wages that support
and assist their families. I believe there will be a time when we are actively sought and recruited by
community based organizations as valuable and contributing members without regard to our

We strive to help corporate and government entities realize that women with disabilities are a viable
and necessary part of the workforce and not a liability. Even though some of us may ride
wheelchairs and scooters, or require seeing eye dogs, or walk with a severe gate or speak with a
severe slur-we have valuable and significant contributions to make to the efficacy of business,
government and community life in this country. In fact, excluding us from making those contributions
deprives America of the creative, intellectual and dynamic energy we bring to the table and in many
cases may be the missing link to the success of an organization that would have benefited from our

It does not matter whether the disability is seen or unseen. Society must see us as contributing
human beings that possess the same needs, wants, desires and capabilities as other Americans. It
is way past the time to put aside the prejudices that have plagued our country for generations and
finally recognize our differences as strengths not weaknesses.

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Working Women With Disabilities INC

Founders, Florence Reed(seated) and Randi Rubin